Key Benefits

Open at any UAE branch

Standing Instructions

Linking Accounts

Access to branches in UAE & Egypt

Free UAE-Egypt Debit Card

ADIB Websecure

Access funds in Egypt

Account openning

The option to open a UAE-Egypt Current Account with ADIB at any branch in the UAE The ability to manage your funds in Egypt and the UAE with one free* money transfer per month to Egypt

*First transfer per month is free through branch only

Free UAE-Egypt Debit Card

Access to your funds in Egypt through ADIB's ATM network (in UAE & Egypt) and 69 branches throughout Egypt.

Standing Instructions

Manage your time by automatically making payments for regular transactions (such as bill payments, transfers, donations or installments) on your chosen dates.

ADIB WebSecure

Ensuring online shopping is safe
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Documents you'll need

  • ​Account opening form
  • Copy of national ID or passport copy with a valid residence visa for foreign residents
  • Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
  • Copy of the Egyptian ID for Egyptian nationalities
  • Copy of tenancy contract or utility bill of tenancy contact