• ATM frauds a​re increasing globally and fraudsters may fit a device to the ATM which could enable them to steal your card information contained within the magnetic strip. 
  • The stolen information can be used to clone the cards and misuse in a number of ways such as purchase of goods, ATM cash withdrawals and online transactions, etc.

Tips for using ATM Machine : 
  • If you see any strange or suspicious device at an ATM, notify ADIB immediately.
  • When using an ATM, cover the keypad when entering your PIN. Look out for people in your surroundings or looking over your shoulder.
  • If an ATM machine does not return your card, notify ADIB immediately. 
  • Do not  accept offers of assistance at the ATM from strangers, contact the bank for help.

Card & PIN: 
  • Covered cards and debit cards fraud can occur when your card or its information is stolen or cloned.
  • Subsequently, it can be misused in a number of ways such as purchase of goods, ATM cash withdrawals and online transactions, etc.

Tips to protect your Card & PIN: 
  • When you receive your card, ensure that your name on the card is embossed accurately. If there is any discrepancies, inform the bank immediately.
  • Sign on the reverse of the card immediately. Unsigned cards are more prone to misuse in case they are misplaced.
  • >Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and do not reveal it to anyone, not even to your banker. Never write the PIN down on anything or keep it in.
  • Do not use the same PIN for all your cards. Consider using different PINs for different cards.
  • Change your PIN regularly. Do not choose easy to guess PIN (e.g. Date of Birth, Telephone Number, Car plate number, etc.).
  • Check your bank statements regularly and contact your bank in case of any discrepancy or suspicion.
  • In case you suspect that someone else knows your PIN, please change the PIN immediately or contact the bank.
  • Do not let your card out of your sight at any time – e.g. at a restaurant or gas station. Always be vigilant of your surroundings when you enter your PIN.
  • Be vigilant when using the card overseas. Card skimming is common in some high risk jurisdictions.
  • For online shopping, make sure you are using a secure and reputed website. For more information refer to ADIB online security tips.  
  • Never disclose your card information to strangers or telemarketers who call you on the phone. Don't give your card number unless you initiated the call.
  • Safekeeping of your card is your responsibility. Contact the bank immediately, in case it is misplaced, stolen or captured by the ATM machine.
  • If the card is to be cancelled, cut it in four pieces across the magnetic strip and discard to ensure it is not misused.​
If you notice any unusual/ suspicious transaction on your account, please contact ADIB immediately on our 24/7 Call Center at Fraud Hotline: +971 26100116 ​