ADIB takes pride in helping its employees shape the future direction of their careers, giving them the due support they deserve in the process. 

ADIB recognises that enabling staff to better balance work and home life can pay dividends for both employees and the company, in terms of reducing stress and boosting motivation, productivity, loyalty and customer service. Managers are committed to implementing policies that promote work-life balance and that encourage a positive working environment and communication where work-life issues can be freely discussed. These policies include flexible working hours; paid maternity and paternity leave; generous paid annual leave and holiday allowance and special leave on an as-needed basis. It is important to ADIB that employees are not only provided with a safe and healthy working environment, but also that they enjoy emotional and physical well-being, and a balanced lifestyle, outside the workplace. To this end the bank has established and supports a range of sporting an​d recreational programmes for staff members that provide them with professional-quality training and facilities and the opportunity to form new bonds with their colleagues through teamwork and competitive events. These programmes include football, cricket and chess, and ADIB encourages employees to contribute ideas on other sporting or recreational events they would like to organise or take part in. In 2014, ADIB entered into an agreement that allows its employees to use the excellent sporting facilities of Brighton College Abu Dhabi. 

​ADIB believes that effective employee engagement is central to operating a successful and ethical organisation, to ensure that every person who works for the bank understands and shares in its values and vision. The bank benchmarks its engagement by undertaking regular employee satisfaction surveys, which act as a valuable feedback mechanism for its policies and practices. The latest survey, which polled 64 percent of the bank’s employees, showed an 82 percent satisfaction rating. ADIB also communicates new developments at the bank frequently through newsletters and intranet, while management encourages two-way communication through town hall meetings and other employee events. In 2014, ADIB launched an award for employees who contribute the best ideas to make processes at the bank more simple and straight forward in order to enhance the customer experience. The initiative was an overwhelming success, with hundreds of practical ideas put forward.