ADIB believes that because of their heritage in ethical values, Islamic banks are ideally placed to lead the debate on developing the banking and financial sectors in a way that brings maximum benefit to the banking industry along with the community.

Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge and Awards
In 2014 ADIB again joined forces with Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s leading providers of financial information, to stage the second annual Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge and Awards (EFICA), aimed to showcase the financial industry as a force for good by celebrating and stimulating innovative solutions that have a positive impact on society or the environment. It also celebrated the institutions and individuals that have made significant contributions to the ethical practice of financial services.

World Islamic Economic Forum
In 2014, ADIB had the honor to sponsor the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), in Dubai with a focus on innovative partnerships for economic growth – an area in which the bank has much to contribute.
This high-profile annual event aims to foster business ties among Muslim communities and with the wider world, boosting trade and investment and contributing to prosperity.
ADIB shares the WIEF’s focus on promoting the growth of Islamic banking, which is increasingly in demand in the region and worldwide. ADIB research has shown many bank clients are seeking more customer-focused, ethical and transparent banking services, all characteristics that are inherent in Islamic finance.