In line with its long tradition of raising awareness of Islamic arts and heritage, particularly during the holy Ramadan period, in 2014 ADIB organised an exhibition of prize Islamic ar​tefacts and art pieces over Ramadan at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel. 

The History of Islamic Art and Science exhibition attracted a large number of visitors with a stunning collection highlighting the achievements of Islam throughout the ages, and providing insights into the artefacts’ origins, history and use in Islamic culture and tradition. 

​Standout pieces included a 250-year old astrolabe, an ancient red copper ball inscribed with astronomical insignia, a steel Ottoman pistol and a 300-year-old Jezail rifle, as well as ceramics dating back over seven ​centuries. ADIB has brought various Islamic treasures to the Emirates Palace hotel for public viewing in recent years, including a replica of the Ka’aba, the most sacred monument in Islam, and a historic 200-year-old Ottoman Kiswah, or Ka’aba covering, that was the last of its kind.