Nowadays, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and mobile banking platforms have made the banking experience one of the fastest and convenient options. However, you should always follow the following tips:

  • Restrict access to your phone with a password or PIN. Enable auto-lock option.
  • Keep applications and Operating System of your phone updated.
  • Download the official ADIB mobile app from trusted sources (App store or Google Play).
  • Do not click or download ADIB app from any link received through email. 
  • Do not save confidential information, passwords and PINs on your phone.
  • Limit the amount of personal details or contact information that you store in your phone.
  • If you lose your phone, report it immediately to the mobile service provider and the police. Also inform your bank to block your digital channel services. 
  • Ensure to close your mobile banking app after usage.
  • Do not click or download links received from unsolicited senders through emails or SMSs.
  • Clear your mobile data frequently by deleting text messages from financial institutions, especially before selling, discarding or sharing your device.
  • Never disclose via text message or social media any personal information (such as account numbers, passwords, or personal information).
  • Always try to use a secure network by ensuring wherever possible, that all internet connections are password protected.
If you notice any unusual/ suspicious transaction on your account, please contact ADIB immediately on our 24/7 Call Center at Fraud Hotline: +971 26100116