Passwords are used by computer systems and websites to verify who you are and authenticate you before it grants access to your accounts. When you login to a secure website such as Online Banking using a password, you are granted access to available services and resources. If someone else knows your password, they can access your account. 

Tips to protect your password:

  • Choose the ones that are hard to guess, but are easy for you to remember.
  • Always choose unique passwords that include a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. 
  • Choose passwords with a minimum length of eight characters.
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis. Memorize and do not record anywhere.
  • Create a different password for every application or Internet service that you subscribe to or use.
  • Passwords must not contain consecutive identical characters (e.g. 1234 or aaaa)  or consecutive sequence. 
  • Disable the "auto complete" function of your login IDs or passwords to prevent others using your computer from having instant access ​to the same.
  • Keep your passwords confidential and do not divulge to anyone. If you feel that your password is known by another person you should change it immediately.
  • Do not use your email ID and email password to register on different websites
If you notice any unusual/ suspicious transaction on your account, please contact ADIB immediately on our 24/7 Call Center at Fraud Hotline: +971 26100116 ​